Readership & Circulation
ABC, Called for Only to be Ignored
ojd2.gifThe creation of an Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC or OJD in French) in Morocco  has certainly promoted transparency, but it has failed to impact advertising revenues as hoped. More
28 June 2007
Ground-breaking Newspapers in Education Guides Available from WAN

bouton_home_page_washington.jpg"Reading & Learning," a ground-breaking series of Newspapers in Education (NIE) guides that target diversity as a core element of NIE, has just been published by the World Association of Newspapers.

28 March 2007
First newspaper audit carried out in Oman
The free English-language weekly TheWeek in Oman has become the first paper in the country to provide audited circulation data to its advertisers. The aim of the audit is to create more transparency in a market which traditionally does not reveal information about circulation figures. BPA Worldwide, a non-profit organization based in the United States carried out the audit for the newspaper. According to BPA, their audits provide advertisers with assurance that the newspaper they choose to invest in, does in fact reach target audiences for specific ads.

APN spoke to Saleh Zakwani, publisher and CEO of Apex Press and Publishing, which publishes TheWeek, about why the paper decided to carry out an audit and its overall aims.

09 February 2007
Young Jordan Daily Relies on Subscribers
Al Ghad newspaper is the first independent and private daily in Jordan. It was launched in August 2004. Eighteen months later, according to Ipsos Stat Jordan, it is one of the country's leading newspapers, with a circulation of more than 55,000. Almost 70 per cent of its readers are subscribers; an unusual figure for papers in the region.
Newsletter No 23
28 March 2006
The Search for Readers and Advertising in Egypt

Al Masry Al Youm is considered by many to be the most professional newspaper in Egypt. Independence is the major motto of the daily. Stressing this characteristics through a TV promotion campaign helped the paper to increase its circulation and become the fourth most read newspaper in the country, behind the three state-owned dailies: Al Ahram, Al Gomhuriya and Al Akhbar. With a claimed circulation of over 40,000, Al Masry Al Youm is now seeking to establish itself among advertisers.

Newsletter No 22
14 March 2006
Going from International to Local
The London-based pan-Arab daily Al Hayat says it has increased circulation in Saudi Arabia from 20,000 to 190,000 daily (140,000 subscribers). The newspaper says it is the result of focusing on local news through three different editions published in the kingdom.
Newsletter No 16
01 February 2006
Publishing in Arabic to Gain Readers

The Moroccan press has two well-defined audiences: French and Arabic speakers. The former is smaller and generally consists of economic elites and decision makers, while the latter offers bigger opportunities for increasing circulation and less buying power. The Eco-Medias group, publisher of the leading French-language daily L’Economiste, decided that they wanted to reach both of them.

Newsletter No 14
17 January 2006
Attracting Young Readers
In Jordan, a former teacher has launched a newspaper for children between the ages of six and twelve. The 16-page monthly aims at stimulating the reading habits of children and make them part of something that is their own. APN spoke to the editor-in-chief and publisher Nasreen al Qawasmy. More
Newsletter No 2
06 October 2005
United Arab Emirates Daily Grows Thanks to Women Readers
Eighteen months ago, the UAE daily Akhbar Al Arab launched “Al Maraa Al Arabia”, a supplement for women. It proved a success: not only did it increase sales but it also managed to attract new advertisers: to such an extent that the income from the supplement not only covers its own cost of production, but also brings extra income to the newspaper. More
Newsletter No 1
28 September 2005
Strategies for Attracting Young Readers
“It is time for newspaper professionals to stop being defensive about their medium.” This was the underlying message from the 6th World Young Reader Conference, which challenged the contention that children don’t read and showed what the world’s most innovative newspapers are doing to capture their loyalty. Over three hundred participants from 66 countries attended the event, held in Buenos Aires from 18 to 21 September.

The conference provided dozens of examples of what newspapers are doing to capture the young, and challenged the conventional wisdom that young people are exclusively loyal to electronic media.
Newsletter No 1
28 September 2005
Younger Generation Supports Open Minded Newspaper in Algeria
In the year 2000, Al Fadjr, an Arab-language daily, hit the Algerian news stands. Appealing to the younger generation and offering balanced news, the newspaper has benefited from steady growth since its launch 5 years ago. APN spoke to Hadda Hazem, publisher of the newspaper. The interview was run on 4 April 2005. More
04 April 2005