Personnel Management & Human Resources
The Revamp of a Newspaper
In 2004, Dubai saw the launch of its first afternoon daily, The Emirates Evening Post, which enjoyed "moderate success," according to its marketing and sales agents. In December 2005, the paper was totally revamped. The Post went tabloid, changed the entire design and the treatment of stories. As a result, work methods had to change and the staff had to get used to the new concept and develop new skills. More
Newsletter No 24
04 April 2006
Personnel Management: The Importance of Feedback
Newsroom managers usually get very little training on how to interact with staff. This will have negative effects on both the work of the journalists and the newsroom in general. More
14 October 2005
Staff Training Assures Editorial Quality
Newsroom management is key for assuring editorial quality. APN spoke to Abdul Hamid Ahmad, editor-in-chief of the Dubai-based Gulf News , about the role that training has played in improving the quality of the newspaper. More
Newsletter No 3
13 October 2005
Small Newspapers Can Benefit from Newsroom Management
Donald Fry, a freelance writing coach, gives his views on newsroom management. He warns about business values overlapping journalistic values in the absence of newsroom management.
24 January 2003
How to Manage a Newsroom
"Too often I hear people from small newspapers say that they cannot develop the newsroom management because of lack of money. But newsroom management has nothing to do with money. It is a question of motivation and the will to change things. Newsroom management is not only for the New York Times but for all papers, no matter the size." More
17 January 2003