Financial Management
Challenges and Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan

In a country where working for a media outlet has become synonymous with threats, kidnappings and killings, Iraqi Kurdistan remains a relatively safe area. Media outlets in the autonomous entity, located in northern Iraq, also have a longer tradition of independence than the rest of Iraq. However, running a newspaper in Kurdistan is still a challenge, characterized by issues similar to those in other parts of Iraq, or other places in the world where media are under pressure.

29 January 2007
Lebanese Press: If the War Continues, It Will Be Difficult to Hold On

Almost two weeks into the launch of the Israeli operation against the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, Lebanese newspapers, although continuing to operate, are facing increasing challenges.

Newsletter No 32
25 July 2006
Balancing Finances in Iraq
The Iraqi independent daily Assabah Al Jadeed fights to build a strong business while waiting for better times to come. In an environment where difficulties are the rule, its Editor-In-Chief, Ismael Zayer, has managed to balance the paper’s expenditures and income and has just signed and agreement with the Danish media group Politiken to develop his newspaper.
Newsletter No 19
21 February 2006
Being New and Setting Standards

Al Watan is the newest newspaper in the highly competitive Saudi market. It was launched in 2000 and has become one of the leading newspapers in the country. “Al Watan leads the newspaper industry in Saudi Arabia,” says its Editor-in-Chief, Othman Mahmoud Al Sini.

Newsletter No 11
20 December 2005
Peace Brings Commercial Benefits to Sudanese Daily


Prospects for peace in Sudan were not the only thing to improve when President Bashir entered into a power sharing government with the Southern People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in July 2005. The prospects for newspapers have also improved. During a visit to Sudan in December, APN spoke with Maghoub Mohamed Salih, editor in chief of Al Ayaam newspaper, and WAN’s 2005 Golden Pen of Freedom laureate.

Newsletter No 11
20 December 2005
Adapting to Circumstances
Jordan got its first tabloid newspaper earlier this year, the Arab-language Al Anbat, run by the husband-wife team of Riyadh Al Hroob, publisher, and Editor-in –Chief, Rula Al Hroob.
Newsletter No 10
13 December 2005
Surviving in Somalia
Two years ago, the Warsan newspaper was launched in the worst environment one can imagine: a country dominated by warlords, with no government, and without one single printing press – Somalia. Against all odds, Warsan has managed to survive and grow.
Newsletter No 7
22 November 2005
Gaining Independence in Algeria
El Watan is one of Algeria’s most trusted and popular newspapers. Despite continued pressure and interference from the government, the paper has managed to gain editorial and financial independence. Three major business decisions have been crucial in that battle. More
Newsletter No 5
03 November 2005