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Market research spending in the Middle East is up by 35 to 40 per cent,  however, only a negligible amount is devoted to media analysis. In the absence of reliable data, advertisers and agencies are forced to “guessing and gut-feeling” in their buying decisions. Urging media to take the lead in developing accurate research, a leading UAE marketing executive told delegates to the Middle East Publishing Conference in Dubai that the problem is threatening the credibility of the industry.
Newsletter No 21
07 March 2006
Why You Need to Know Your Audience
Audience research is one of the key ways to determine how many readers you have, identify who they are and figure out what they want from your newspaper. It is a fundamental revenue generation tool, and when done properly, can help boost circulation and increase advertising in any newspaper, whether small or big. Audience research does not need to be costly, nor does it need to be complicated, but it does need to be professional.

APN spoke to Dennis List, author of “Know Your Audience: A Practical Guide to Media Research” and founder of Audience Dialogue, an organization that is dedicated to helping people in the communications industry to better measure their audience, train their staff and evaluate their projects.
Newsletter No 4
25 October 2005
The Value of Auditing
Auditing has become one of the main issues on the print media scene in the Gulf region. While advertisers demand greater clarity about circulation numbers, newspapers have not yet started taking the necessary steps. One exception is 7Days, a free tabloid published in the United Arab Emirates. More
Newsletter No 3
13 October 2005