29 March 2007
Press Freedom:
Yemen media law under review

Convened by the independent human rights organisation ARTICLE 19, Global Campaign for Freedom of Expression and the Yemen Female Media Forum, a Media Law Working Group held its first meeting on 21-22 March 2007 in Sanna'a to review the current state of media law in Yemen and assess its compliance with international standards on freedom of expression.

The group discussed and formulated proposals for progressive reform of Yemen's laws affecting the media. Three priority areas for urgent action were identified :

- Reform of the Press and Publications Law of 1990 and the provisions in the penal code which restrict the right to publish.

- Adoption of legislation guaranteeing the right of access to information.

- Adoption of legislation to legalise and regulate private broadcasting.

Two further meetings of the Media Law Working Group are planned for later this year at which concrete proposals for law reform in each of these three areas will be prepared.