13 March 2007
News from the Media Scene:
Fighting Words now available in Arabic

Arabs are rich, lazy people who always complain of being Israel's victims. Americans are fat consumers who do not know a thing about the rest of the world. These are just basic examples of widespread stereotypes in the United States and Arab countries. How much responsibility do the media in each of these two regions bear for promoting such clich├ęs? This question was at the core of a three-day conference entitled: "Bridging the Gap: Misunderstandings and Misinformation in the Arab and U.S. Media" held in the United States in November 2005 (see APN story 6 October 2005).

First released in English, the proceedings of the conference debates --Fighting Words, how Arab and American journalists can break through to better coverage-- are now available in Arabic. Published by the International Center for Journalists in Washington, D.C., Fighting Words is co-authored by Lisa Schnellinger, a U.S. media consultant based in the Middle East, and Mohannad Khatib, General Manager of Jordan's ATV.

To receive a free copy of Fighting Words, in either language, please contact publications@icfj.org. The publication can also be downloaded for free at http://www.icfj.org

The online forum Interchange enables Arab and American journalists to continue the dialogue initiated at the Bridging the Gap conference. To subscribe, please visit: http://www.ijnet.org/interchange