06 March 2007
2007 Kurt Schork Awards

Print journalists covering local stories in developing countries and freelancers specialized in foreign reporting have until 15 June 2007 to enter the Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism. The submitted articles should focus on conflict, human-rights concerns, cross-border issues, or any other issue of controversy. The stories must have been published between 1 March 2006 and 30 April 2007.

The contest, which is co-organised by Institute for War and Peace Reporting, an international non-profit media development network, and the Kurt Schork Memorial Fund, celebrates the memory of the American freelance reporter killed in an ambush while on assignment for Reuters in Sierra Leone in May 2000.

Two annual prizes of $5,000 each are awarded - one to to a local journalist in the developing world, and the second to an international freelance journalist covering foreign news. Massoud Ansari from Pakistan and the late Steven Vincent from the US were last year’s winners.


Call For Entries

Deadline June 15, 2007

The Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism celebrate the best in freelance print journalism and local reporters who show great courage and commitment to reporting on controversial issues.

Two $5,000 prizes are awarded each year, one to a local reporter covering local stories in a developing country or nation in transition, and the other to a freelance journalist covering international news. The stories can focus on conflict, human-rights concerns, cross-border issues, or any other issue of controversy in a particular country or region.

Underwritten by the Kurt Schork Memorial Fund and Reuters, the prizes honour Kurt Schork, an American freelance journalist who was killed in a military ambush while on assignment for Reuters on May 24, 2000, in Sierra Leone.

How to Enter

All submissions must demonstrate professionalism, meet international journalistic standards, and provide evidence that courage and determination played a role in generating the articles. Winners will be chosen by an international panel of five judges.

Each applicant must submit six (6) copies of the following if sending by post, or one (1) copy of each, as attachments, if applying via email:

• Freelance Journalist Entry Form or Local Journalist Entry Form (to be found on the website addresses below).

• The original articles, (up to three), accompanied by English translation. Articles must have appeared in print between March 1, 2006 and April 30 2007.

• The applicant's curriculum vitae (resume), listing education and journalistic experience, with dates.

• A statement providing background and context for the stories submitted.

• A signed original letter from the editor of the publication on official letterhead supporting the submission for the Kurt Schork Award, including confirmation of the nominee's employment status with the publication.

• One (1) photograph. Photocopies of photographs will not be accepted.

Deadline for receipt of entries: June 15, 2007.

Applications may be sent electronically via email, or by post: Send to:



The Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism

c/o Alan Davis

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

48 Grays Inn Road

London, England



Local Journalist: Print journalists employed by a local news outlet and residing in a developing country or nation in transition (non OECD or EU countries), whose work has been published in a local publication are eligible. Although individual journalists are the primary focus, submissions from a team of journalists will also be considered. For a full definition of an eligible local journalist and countries, visit the websites listed below.

Freelance Journalist: All freelance print journalists and those contracted by news organizations are eligible. A freelance journalist is an individual who is not employed by a news organization. They are self-employed, providing services, either on the basis of time or on the production of editorial materials as defined by individual contractual arrangements, and earn the majority of their income from journalism. For a full definition of an eligible freelance journalist, visit the websites listed below.

Kurt1.jpgEligible media: Entries are welcomed from all types of print-based media including newspapers and magazines and established on-line publications. Blogs and personal websites are not eligible.

For more information, including entry forms, full eligibility criteria and details of previous winners, visit:


or: www.ksmfund.org/submission.html

“War reporting is a privilege. After three years, the grime and gore of combat, the dreadful logic of ethnic hatred are no longer abstractions for me. More important, every day I see the grace and dignity of ordinary people trying to survive under extraordinary circumstances.”Kurt Schork, 1947-2000