Newsletter No 31 11 July 2006
Online Publishing:
Preparing for the Internet Revolution in China

Presentation by Yang Zhenwu, Deputy Director, The People's Daily, China at the World Newspaper Congress, Moscow, 4-7 June, 2006.

More than 100 million newspapers are printed in China each day, making the country the world's biggest newspaper market. It has more newspapers among the world's 100 largest papers than any other country.

But while the Chinese newspaper market is booming, the Chinese Newspaper Association is not sitting on its laurels. It is preparing for the internet challenge, and Mr Zhenwu described the directions the country's newspaper industry is taking both to protect traditional media and develop new media. These include:

- Exploring electronic development while making better use of the traditional newspaper

- Innovating content, style and reporting skills of traditional newspapers

- Developing interactions between newspaper and website and expanding newspaper advantages by using new technologies

- Rebuilding newspaper groups, reforming management and operations

- Joining in global competition and strengthening exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts