Newsletter No 31 11 July 2006
News from the Media Scene:
Egypt: Al Wafd Tries to Rebuild Paper by Hiring Competitor's Editor

In order to win back readers from the successful independent daily Al Masry Al Youm, Egypt’s liberal Al Wafd party recently selected the competing paper’s former editor-in-chief, Anwar Al Huwwari, to head the party's publication.

Al Huwwari will replace outgoing Al Wafd editor in chief Abbas al-Tarabili, BBC Monitoring reported. The newspaper will likely be published in a new form with an increased number of pages.

Al Wafd chairman Mahmud Abazah’s decision, the BBC reports, is an attempt to “pull the carpet from beneath the newspaper Al Masry Al Youm and rebuild the publication’s popularity, which has waned in recent years.

Source: Editors Weblog