Newsletter No 30 22 June 2006
News from the Media Scene:
World Press Trends: Newspaper Circulation & Advetising Increases

Newspaper circulations worldwide rose slightly in 2005, while newspaper advertising revenues showed the largest increase in four years, with newspapers in the Middle East region continuously increasing their share in the market, the World Association of Newspapers has announced.

WAN’s annual survey of world press trends was released to more than 1,700 publishers, editors and other senior newspaper executives from 110 countries attending the 59th World Newspaper Congress and 13th World Editors Forum in Moscow, Russia.

The 700-page publication offers global and country-by-country data on circulation, advertising, free dailies, online publishing as well as advertising expenditure forecasts for the next years and information on the last trends of the newspaper industry.

WAN said advertising revenues in paid dailies were up 5.7 percent last year from a year earlier, and up 11.7 percent over five years. Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are among the twenty-one countries that saw the newspaper advertising market share growth in 2005.

Global newspaper sales were up 0.56 percent over the year, and had increased 6 percent over the past five years. When free dailies are added to the paid newspaper circulation, global circulation increased 1.21 percent last year, and 7.8 percent over the past five years.

"Overall, the audience for newspapers keeps on growing, both in print and online," said Timothy Balding, Chief Executive Officer of the Paris-based WAN. "Newspapers are increasing their reach through the exploitation of a wide range of new distribution channels, ranging from daily free newspapers to online editions. They are proving to be incredibly resilient against the onslaught of a wide range of media competition."

More than 439 million people buy every day one of the 7,700 dailies publishes in the world. Readership is estimated to be more than one billion every day.

The audience for newspaper websites continued to grow and increased 8.71 percent in 2005 and 200 percent over the past five years.

The World Press Trends 2006 edition is available by contacting the World Association of Newspapers. Email: