Newsletter No 29 23 May 2006
News from the Media Scene:
Egyptians Trust Media and Prefer Television

A survey conducted by BBC, Reuters and the Media Center shows that 74 percent of the Egyptians trust the media, international television being the most reliable and accurate for them.

Both local and international television are seen as the most trusted source of news by 77 percent of Egyptians. 68 percent trust local newspapers while international ones are trusted by 28 percent, behind news websites (32%).

Urban Egyptians prefer to obtain their news mainly from television (72%), with newspapers being the source of information for 17 percent.

When it comes to specific news sources, the Qatari Al Jazeera satellite station comes first (59 %) far ahead from Channel 1 Egyptian TV (12 %) and the state-owned dailies Al Ahram and Al Akhbar (6 and 5 % each).

Despite their trust in the media, 40 percent of the Egyptians have, however, recently switched their news source looking for more credibility.