Newsletter No 27 25 April 2006
Press Freedom:
Publish Editorial Materials in Arabic on World Press Freedom Day

WAN is encouraging Arab-language newspapers to take part in its 3 May World Press Freedom Day campaign by downloading and using specific materials from the World Press Freedom Day website. Materials are offered free of charge at

Since the Middle East and North Africa are considered the most dangerous places for journalists due to the high number of them murdered or imprisoned, and with judicial harassment becoming part of daily routine in countries like Algeria and Egypt, this year's WAN’s campaign ‘Don’t Lock Up Information: Stop Jailing Journalists” represents a great occasion for independent newspapers in the Arab countries to show their commitment with press freedom and their solidarity with imprisoned colleagues.

Materials available in Arabic are:

- An essay by Algerian writer Hamid Skiff about Abdullah Ali Al-Sanussi Al-Darrat, a Libyan journalist imprisoned in 1973. “If he is still alive, he would be the oldest prisoner in the world, but nobody knows where he is incarcerated,” says Skiff.

- Two print advertisements including the name of your newspaper and that of WAN supporting the World Press Freedom Day. These ads have been created by major advertising agencies worldwide.

- Cartoons by French cartoonist Michel Cambon on the theme of imprisoned journalists. Some of them make direct references to the Arab countries.

- High resolution videos about imprisonment of journalists to be used in newspaper’s websites.

- An infographic showing where journalists were killed in 2005.

- Photographs of press freedom violations offered by Agence France Presse. Among them, the 2006 Golden Pen of Freedom winner, Iranian journalist Akbar Ghanji.

These materials can be downloaded at