Newsletter No 24 04 April 2006
News from the Media Scene:
Compact Format Ads More Effective

According to a Subscriber Advertising Measurement (SAM) study carried out by Dow Jones & Co, publishers of The Wall Street Journal Asia, ads in compact format have greater recall among readers.

The study, which compares reader recall of ads a month before The Wall Street Journal Asia went compact on 17 October 2005 and three days after the format change, shows that the average recall for all ads went from 69% before the change to 73% after.

The conclusions also found that color advertising recall in the compact is higher than the broadsheet -- 82% compared with 76%. Seventy-three per cent of the survey respondents said they prefer the compact format.

Dow Jones usually conducts eight SAM studies a year in four Asian markets as a free service to advertisers. However, this time the survey was carried out in nine markets due to the advertisers’ interest in comparing the new format’s impact with that of the broadsheet.