Newsletter No 23 28 March 2006
News from the Media Scene:
In Dubai, Different Communities Use Different Media

A study presented during the 40th International Advertisers Association (IAA) World Congress held in Dubai shows that television is the first media choice for Emiratis and expatriate Arabs while Asian and Western expatriates use printed and electronic media more frequently.

The survey also suggests that television advertising has a similar high currency with Arabs, a mixed response from South Asian nationals and very small impact among native English speakers. Marwan Rizk, IAA Vice President and Director for the MENA region, said this data could lead the advertising industry in the region to question its strategies and business models.

‘The Cross Cultural Media Usage in the UAE” was undertaken by the IAA’s Dubai Chapter and the Zayed University and conducted by the Pan Arab Research Center to look at the relationship between culture and media behavior in a country were at least three quarters of the population comes from abroad, especially from other Arab and South Asian countries.

Bob Gulovsen, College of Communication and Media Sciences at the Zayed University and author of the study, said that a complete analysis of it will not be available for some time.