Newsletter No 15 24 January 2006
Fund Program for Investigative Journalism in Morocco

Press Now has announced a funding program to support investigative journalism in Morocco. The fund constitutes a first step in the development of a media support program in the north-African country.

Moroccan media operate under pressure of economic and political constraints. While independent media developed a certain tradition of investigative journalism and while some media do engage in in-depth reporting, lack of resources prevent media to invest in long-term investigative projects.

As a result the media cannot play their full role of 'watchdogs' of society and platform for national debate. Therefore Press Now has taken the initiative to set up a Fund to support Special Journalistic Projects, says the organization in its website.

Both independent media and freelance journalists can apply provided that some media guarantees publication and that no other funds are available. Applications forms can be requested at Press Now – Steven Assies ( Applications should be presented in French. The deadline for presenting applications is 20 February 2006.

Projects should contribute to the debate on issues relevant to Moroccan society. The fund subsidizes the costs of salaries (one person maximum three month, only net salaries) and additional research costs (travel, documentation etc.) The maximum contribution is euro 5.000.

Press Now is a Holland-based organization aiming to promote the development of open and democratic societies, by supporting independent media in regions of conflict and countries in transition.

It was established in 1993 by several journalists, politicians and other engaged individuals, supported by the Dutch Federation of Journalists (NVJ) and political and cultural centre 'De Balie' in Amsterdam.