Newsletter No 14 17 January 2006
News from the Media Scene:
On Line Guide in Arabic for Anonymous Blogging

Spirit of America has launched “BlogSafer”, a series of guides on how to blog under difficult conditions in countries that discourage free speech. Guides are available in Arabic, Chinese, English and Farsi, at

The guide outlines steps a blogger in a repressive regime can take, and tools to use, to avoid identification and arrest. These range from common sense actions such as not providing identifying details on a blog to the technical, such as the use of proxy servers.

“A repressive regime trying to still free speech first goes after and shuts down independent print and broadcast media,” said Curt Hopkins, project director of Spirit of America’s Anonymous Blogging Campaign. “Once that is done, it turns its attentions to online news sites. As these outlets disappear, dissent migrates to blogs, which are increasing geometrically in number and are simple to set up and operate.”

The guides are a synthesis of all currently available information on the subject of maintaining anonimity. They have been edited for non-technical readers.

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