Newsletter No 12 27 December 2005
News from the Media Scene:
New Daily to Target Saudi Young Readers

A new Arabic-language daily focused on younger audiences will be launch in Saudi Arabia before the end of the year, CampaignME has reported. The full–color tabloid will be called Sun, the letters of which, in Arabic, stand for youth, variety and Saudi.

The new daily will have an initial print-run of 120,000 copies and will offer a fresh approach to news, sport, music and technology, according to the weekly media and advertising newspaper.

A partnership between a Saudi investor and Al Wataniya group is behind the project. The media and advertising group will provide sales, marketing and development support.

The group believes that nobody is catering the 60% of the Saudi population under age 30. According to Elie Wakim, the group’s commercial director, “this segment represent a big base of consumption and advertisers are willing to approach them in a nice way.

The main challenges fore the paper will be to overcome the lack of interest in reading among the Saudi youth as well as to attract both male and female readers. If the daily proves to be successful, it could be launched in other countries in the region.