Newsletter No 8 29 November 2005
News from the Media Scene:
Conference in UAE Calls for More Investment in Arab Press on the Web

The “Reality and Challenges of the Internet Press in the Arab World” conference held in the UAE has called for more investment from Arab media in the web.

The conference, held at the College of Communication at Sharjah University on 22-23 November, was an exchange of ideas and experiences concerning the press on the Internet and the use of the web as a source of information.

Participants agreed that the web represents one of the biggest challenges facing the Arab media and asked for more investment within media institutions to develop the web in Arabic, especially since there is a lower number of publications and users in the Arab world compared to other regions.

Participants included 50 researchers and media professionals, 25 representatives from Arab and foreign universities, and 11 Arab and international media organizations.

Sharjah’s University chancellor, Ismail Mohammed Al Bishri, encouraged media in the region to take advantage of new technologies to reach the largest public possible in an era when the giants of information are fighting to capture the public all over the world, including the Arab region.

David Weaver, professor at the School of Journalism of Indiana University (USA), said that a responsible use of information by electronic media could help in improving mutual understanding between cultures.

Participants expressed the need of setting up a code of ethics for electronic journalism.