Newsletter No 7 22 November 2005
News from the Media Scene:
Egyptian Weblog Wins Press Freedom Award

The Egyptian weblog "Manal and Alaa's Bit Bucket" won the Special Award from Reporters Without Borders in the Deutsche Welle's 2005 Weblog Awards on 14 November. The jury members decided to announce the award a week early in light of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society in order to protest censorship of the Internet.

Reporters Without Borders said about the Manal and Alaa’s weblog: “The Egyptian wife-husband pair strives to promote freedom of expression and protect human rights as well as highlight the need for political reforms in Egypt.” The blog can be visited at

The press freedom organization says that “the blog has become an institution among Arabic bloggers and journalists critical of the Egyptian regime. The blog also offers other bloggers free storage space and practical help starting their own initiatives and has been crucial in developing a critical and engaged blogger scene in Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world.”

The winners in the other 12 categories, including the Arabic language prize, will be announced on 21 November as originally planned. All Internet users still have until 20 November to vote for their favorites.