The Editors Weblog 03 December 2004
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US: Why Iraqi Papers are Not Covered Sufficiently

Editor & Publisher remarked the lack of coverage of Iraqi papers in US media. The Week Magazine, according to Editor & Publisher, "is one of the few places to publish occasional excerpts from Iraqi editorials." Other US newspapers with bureaus in Baghdad justify their imbalanced coverage with a lack of truthfulness in Iraqi news.

Alissa Rubin, co-chief of the Baghdad office of the LA Times explained, that "Iraq is a country saturated by rumors, and newspapers often repeat them. [She said that they] try to both reflect what the Iraq street is saying but not try and assert truthfulness or falseness [in] articles about how the Iraqi press/street is treating a subject." She said, "we might reference a newspaper article or even quote from the article, but we would do so with care."

Source: Editor & Publisher

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