The Editors Weblog 18 January 2005
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Gulf Region: Editors and Publishers Almost Agree to Set up a Newspaper Association

It was a fascinating moment when several editors and publishers of the Gulf region agreed to create a common Newspapers Association (through a promising 12 people steering committee). Just because it was impossible to imagine that two or three years ago.

And I'm convinced that the growth of TV channels - as Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya - explains this shift... According to AME info, "a steering committee was set up during the Middle East Publishing Conference in Dubai today, comprising leading newspaper and magazine groups from across the region. They will now consult with all industry players with the aim of formally establishing a new representative body within the next 100 days.

The initiative is supported by WAN, the World Association of Newspapers, and FIPP, the Federation of International Periodical Publishers, global partners in the publishing conference. The Dubai Consultancy, Research & Media Centre (DCRMC) has agreed to facilitate the formation process and provide administrate support and resources until the new body is independently operational.

Ahmed Al Mansoori, president of DCRMC, congratulated publishers on taking the initiative, saying the new body would have a highly important role in raising industry standards in the region. Industry representatives from across the GCC (Gulf region) have joined forces to form the 12-person team given the mandate to work on launching the new organisation." The future of this new association will be decided in the coming months when big media groups will join (or not) the first pioneers!

Source: AME info

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