The Editors Weblog 28 February 2005
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Morocco Publishers to Fight 'Newspaper Renting'

It happens in a lot of African countries where buying a newspaper is relatively expensive compared to the average standard of life. Here, Publishing-Industry.Net reports about the Moroccon sitiuation: "Morocco's publishing industry has decided to take a stand to confront the economic crisis that the industry faces in the name of "renting" newspapers instead of buying them.

In one such effort The National Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FNEJ) is planning to launch an awareness rising programme to encourage readers to buy newspapers instead of "renting" them, said the President of the FNEJ, Abdelmounim Dilami. Dilami also said that they are working at improving the distribution of national newspapers in remote areas and that the independent press is starting to conquest the media environment in search of profit."

Source: Publishing-Industry.Net

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