The Editors Weblog 24 February 2005
Editors Voice:
Palestinians and Israelis to Collaborate on a Watchdog Project

The Jerusalem Post reports that an Israeli think tank, Keshev Centre for Protection of Democracy and its Palestinian colleagues at the Ramallah-based Miftah are undergoing a joint project to survey the media covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Keshev's CEO Yizhar Be'er stated that, "The problem of distorted media representation is also an Israeli problem, not only a Palestinian one," and the centre's academic adviser, Dr. Daniel Dor says that Keshev's role in the project is to analyze "the media's representation of sensitive and important topics concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the way we represent both ourselves and the Other."

Keshev argues that tabloid-style reporting in the Israeli press contributes to inaccurate representations of current events and points out that reporting varies significantly between the Israeli and Palestinian press. The Centre plans to improve upon this by establishing contacts with various media and organizing seminars and lobbying activities and . The first joint report is expected in April.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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