The Editors Weblog 24 February 2005
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Egypt: a Brief Political Summary of National Newspapers

An article in the French weekly, Courrier International summarizes how national dailies in Egypt are biased in regards to the government. The survey shows how important papers can be in influencing voting.

On February 21 a demonstration took place outside of the university of Cairo calling for constitutional reform which would allow more candidates to run for president and make it more difficult for the present president, Hosni Moubarak, to obtain a fifth mandate. The two main dailies, Al-Ahram and Al-Gomhuriya which favor the government, representing the official view of the regime, completely ignored the event.

Al-Wafd, the voice of the main opposition party portrayed the event in a relatively balanced manner strictly reporting the facts. On the other hand, Al-Shaab, the Islamist porte-parole of the Labour party, and the pan-Arab paper edited in London, Al-Quds Al-Arabi exaggerated the event, reporting huge manifestations and police reactions on the verge of violence. An-Nahar, a Lebanese daily, also reported on the manifestation, saying that the majority of demonstrators were from the left-wing movement, Kefaya (Enough!), composed of intellectuals and elites.

Source: Courrier International

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