14 July 2020
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Attend the annual event of the newspaper industry!

In three weeks time, publishers and editors from all over the world will meet to discover the latest news from the newspaper industry and the world of editors-in-chief. The 60th World Newspaper Congress and 14th World Editors Forum take place from 3 to 6 June in Cape Town, South Africa.

The annual event for the newspaper industry brings together  over 1,500 publishers, chief editors, managing directors, CEOs and other senior newspaper executives from 90 countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.

The theme of this year's World Newspaper Congress is "Shaping the Future of the Newspaper". The programme will focus on the innovations, breakthroughs and opportunities that are benefiting newspapers all over the world and ensuring the future health of the industry.

The theme of the World Editors Forum is "Quality Journalism in the Digital Age". The merger of print and online newsrooms are one of the hot topics in the world today. Among the presentations are : "Adapt or Die: Newsroom on the Brink" by Mike van Niekerk,  editor-in-chief of the Australian Group Fairfax Media. Van Niekerk will make a case for moving slowly but surely to full integration. « It is a revolution but you have to treat it as an evolution, » he says.

Other Congress highlights include:

- A business session featuring the leaders of four of the world's most successful newspaper companies who will explain how they are developing audience and revenues through a mix of news and advertising distribution channels.

- A session devoted to free newspapers will explore whether quality journalism can be available for free.

- The presentation of the first "Newsroom Barometer," an exclusive international survey that provides insights into newsroom strategies and reveals that political pressure seems to be the biggest challenge faced by Arab editors-in-chief.

- The presentations of the annual World Press Trends survey and of Innovations in Newspapers 2007.

- The celebration of 150 years of newspaper journalism in South Africa, where media regained their freedom in only recent history.

- A round table with focus on press freedom in Africa as the key to good governance and development.

Full conference information, including the programmes and registration details, can be found at http://www.wan-press.org/capetown2007.