Newsletter No 3 13 October 2005
Contest for Journalistic Works on Science and Technology in Egypt

The Egyptian branch of the German Siemens Corporation has announced a contest in science and technology journalism. The contest is open to African journalists from any media who excelled in reporting in the broad field of science and technology between 1 January and 20 November 2005.

Submitted works can deal with ten different categories such as mobile and fixed telephony, medical solutions, energy, information technologies, transportation, and industry among others. An overall prize will be awarded for the best piece of science and technology journalism among the ten categories.

The decision of organizing this contest comes from company’s believe in the importance of the role that the media play in making population aware of the benefits of technology in every aspect of life. Siemens wants to encourage journalists writing on scientific and technological fields other than the use of the Internet and telecommunications. The mobile company considers that media do not focus enough in other topics such as energy or industrial projects.

Prizes include cash and business equipment. The grand prize winner will also receive an all-expenses-paid overseas trip.

Deadline: 23 November 2005.

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