26 April 2007
Arab Women Media Center to Hold Conference

The Amman-based Arab Women Media Center will be holding its sixth Arab Women's Media Conference from June 26 to 28. Entitled, "Arab Women Journalists in between Laws and Ethics", the conference will be held at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Amman, Jordan. A number of key media professionals in the Arab world will attend.

2007-Among the issues to be discussed during the conference are "Media and journalism laws in the Arab sates", "Journalists rights during war and crises", and "Gender issues in Arab media institutes." The Arab Women Media Center is a non-governmental organization concerned with media work that focuses on women, children and family rights, and democracy. The center organizes media trainings for female Arab journalists and helps them locate job opportunities.

Those wishing to attend the conference should first register to become members at http://www.ayamm.org/arabic/AWMform1.htm. Registering to become a member and to attend the conference is free of charge.