16 April 2007
Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships names 2007 Fellows

Nine journalists, including two from Egypt and Iraq have been named the Alfred Friendly Press Fellows (AFPF) for 2007 and arrived in the United States 16 March to begin six months of journalism training in American news organizations. Fellows spend the majority of their time reporting for American newspapers but are also encouraged to attend conferences and seminars, read journalism books and publications, and make short-term professional visits to organizations that are relevant to their work at home. Special AFPF seminars are organized for the Fellows at the beginning, middle and end of the program.

Created in 1983 by Alfred Friendly, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and former managing editor of The Washington Post, AFPF is a training program that allows young print journalists to participate first-hand in America's Constitutionally protected news-gathering and news-writing processes. The Fellowships' purpose is to enable men and women who will be news media leaders in their own countries to observe free press standards being exercised in the U.S., to put those values into daily practice with the support and guidance of American colleagues, and to transfer knowledge gained on the program to colleagues at home.

The 2007 Arab Friendly Fellows, their home publications, home countries, and host publications are:

Mr. Amr Mohamed Emam, The Egyptian Gazette, Egypt, San Francisco Chronicle (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

Ms. Zaineb Obeid, McClatchy, Iraq, The Wall Street Journal - DC bureau (Daniel Pearl Fellow)

For more information visit the website at: http://www.pressfellowships.org