Newsletter No 3 13 October 2005
News from the Media Scene:
Al Rai Newspaper Launches a Palestinian Edition

The Jordanian newspaper Al Rai launched a new Palestinian edition on 5 October. It will be printed in the Palestinian territories and distributed throughout Gaza and the West Bank.

Al Rai’s deputy editor in chief and head of the Palestinian edition, Yahya Mahmoud, said that the new edition will focus on the Jordanian role in the Palestine conflict. Almost two million Jordanians have Palestinian origins.

The newspaper decided to print the Palestinian edition inside the territories because of the potential difficulties of importation due to Israeli control of the Palestinian borders. Al Rai will use the Al Quds al Maqdisiyah newspaper printing facilities in Jerusalem and will be distributed in every Palestinian village and city. In exchange, Al Quds al Maqdsiyah will use Al Rai’s printing presses in Amman and will be distributed in Jordan through Al Rai’s distribution channels

Al Rai newspaper is published in Amman by the Jordanian Press Foundation. The newspaper has plans to start publishing local editions in Cairo and Baghdad and an international edition in London before the end of this year.